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my recent work

I will be happy regardless, as long as I have a pad of bristol and something to draw. I illustrate from cherished photographs, both new and old, and strive to breathe new life into them. Since photographs capture a moment in time, my goal is to recreate that memory in a keepsake that you and the whole family will love for years and generations to come.

We all see things differently and that is just one of the reasons life is so fascinating. Art can also be a very humbling experience. Just to see some of the brilliant artists out there is mind blowing. It's important for me to continually strive for greatness and to learn from others.

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Some touching testimonials

Re. Portrait of Megan Twist

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your GENEROUS gift of my daughter's portrait. When I received it I was so taken aback because your drawing was SO much like the photo you took your inspiration from. Your talent is absolutely AMAZING but your generosity in donating your valuable time and talent to those who are in mourning is so unselfish and profound that it quite literally takes my breath away. It is rare these days to find such generosity--especially to a total stranger. It will be treasured as long as I live and handed down for generations.

Cecily's Mother
Re. Portrait of Cecily

...fast forward to today and I see this beautiful re-creation of one of my favorite photos of Cecily and my jaw just dropped. I didn't want to respond immediately from my phone as I wanted you to have my full attention. We are so touched by this gesture, I'm really at a loss for words. Your husband is an amazingly talented artist and words can't express what an impact on my day your post has had! We would love to meet up with you guys and retrieve this beautiful piece for us to display to everyone we have in our home. In fact, I want it NOW!!

Cheyenne Canyon
Re. Portrait of Kylie

Kylie's sister:Cheyenne Cannon This is so beautiful. One of my absolute favorite pictures of my sweet sister- thank you so much for this. My family loves it. My mother says "I am beyond words, it's beautiful and perfect...Thank you so much." and my father says "I'm fighting back tears. It's beautiful!".